Update on TPR

June 10th, 2012

Short update on PR..
Tashi Delek to all, I would to update on Phuntsok Rinpoche.
Phuntsok Rinpoche is in perfect health and enjoying his studies as usual. He has received Yamantaka initiations and commentaries on Lamrim from his teacher Jangje Choje Kyensure Losang Tenzin rinpoche during Monlam festival this year 2012.
Phuntsok Rinpoche takes very seriously on his daily practices and very much enjoy his studies too.
He always said no holiday is better as he loves attending schools than having holiday.
I witnessed Rinpoche did early morning meditation by himself with happiness and great inspiration. He also put great joyous effort to do all the daily commitments of those initiations and teachings received.
I ask him “don’t you get bored or tired of your long commitment prayers and mantras after his long day in school?”, his replied was “I enjoy doing my prayers as much as attending schools”. It was indeed a very inspired conversation with him.
Many times , he mentioned to Ven Ani Chodron that doing daily commitment prayers happily is extremely important for our spiritual realization. He occasionally jokes with ven Ani la that doing commitment practices is as yummy as eating Pizza!!! Haha

I apologized for the late update on TPR’s annual Monlamn prayers offerings. My sister Ven Losang Drolma had arranged offerings to all Sanghas who attended this year monlam prayer festival in Kopan in March . As usual , the merits were dedicated for the long life of HHDL and all the gurus and peace and enlightenment of all beings and of-course to all TPR’s students and friends around the world. This years TPR’s Monlam offerings and prayers are also specially dedicated for long life and perfect health of our most respected guru Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Swift return of Kyensure Rinpoche’s reincarnation, Peace and freedom for Tibetan people.

In the coming days ,Phuntsok Rinpoche will be committing full time on his academic general studies until he joins sera university in a few years time. Appointments of visitors will be arranged during rinpoche’s school holidays in Kopan. Thank you very much to all.
With much prayers
Geshe Zopa


New Year Wish

January 22nd, 2012

Happy New Year to all my Dharma Friends

Monlam 2011

March 18th, 2011

Dearest students and friends of Phuntsok Rinpoche,

Rinpoche will be making offerings of food, tea, lights and money offering to the thousand over Sanghas during Monlam (Great Prayer Festival) in Kopan Monastery in Nepal on the 15th of the first month of Tibetan calendar which is the 19th March 2011.

Rinpoche will dedicate this charitable offering for the good health, long life and fulfillment of all the wishes of all the Buddhas, Boddhisatvas, gurus and virtue beings, he will also dedicate to all the students and friends and all sentient beings for their good health long life and prosperity and realization on the paths and grounds of enlightenment. Rinpoche specially would like to share this extensive merits to all the victims of Japan earthquake and tsunami, as well as those victims suffering because of world conflicts and natural disaster.

Rinpoche request all students and friends to dedicate their prayers, merits and have loving compassion to all suffering beings.

With lots of prayer
Phuntsok Labrang


January 24th, 2011

Dear all students and friends of Tulku Tenzin Phuntsok Rinpoche.

Rinpoche wish you all happy Tibetan new year. May every one blessed with perfect health prosperity happiness and meaningful year fill our heart with great compassion and loving kindness

With lots of prayers
Phuntsok Labrang

Seasons Greeting from Phuntsok Rinpoche

December 20th, 2010


Happy Saka Dawa ( Vesak Day)

May 23rd, 2010

Tashi Delek!!! to everyone
Here we are going to do in Visak day ( Saga Dawa )
time as like before one set Nyugney we offered the Kopan monastery, Nunnery, Tsum Mu monastery and Rachen nunnery too on Tibetan date 13 and 15 cox its very special day Buddha Shakyamuni’s Birth , Enlightenment and Parinirvana all this prayer for wrold Peace , success
and as usaual Tenzin Phuntsok Rinpoche is making offerring to the all those sangha’s during this puja and TPR specially dedicated H.H the Dalai Lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche ,Khen Rinpoche , Dema Lochoe Rinpoche , Drakri Rinpoche , Jangje Choje Rinpoche and Geshi Tenzin Zopa’s long life , Healthy and clear all the obstracles, and those who lost their life and those who are still hospitalize due to the earthquakes and etc. May everyone get well as soon and be Peaceful..So please make a strong prayer and wishes for everyone.
And i deeply thank you very very much and appreciate to you ,all this Virtues credits goes to the sponsers and supporters who contibute and make this happen to me ,thank you very very much once again .
with much much love and prayer

Tenzin Phuntsok Rinpoche and Dolma.

urgent call for support of Earthquake Victims in Tibet

April 29th, 2010

Dear reader and viewer
please pray for our Dharma Brothers and sisters in Tibet those who lost thier life, and those who are injured and still suffering their life in Tibet, phisycally we can do nothing but if we all pray togethere and dedicat to them i m sure it helps them by contributing our prayers and dedication, so please pray togethere.

On April 14th a 6.9 earhquake hit Kyegundo (pronounced: Jye-kun-do) , a city of more then 100,000 mostly Tibetans in Kham, the Eastern region of Chinese- occupied Tibet. As of 6 days after the quake, the official reports indicated over 2000 deaths, over 12,000 people injured and more then 80% collapsed buildings. these numbers are increasing by the day. unofficial reports indicate deat toll of over 4,000 and on the rise.
Today most of Kyedundo’s residents are homeless and sleeping outdoors in freeezing temperatures, more then 12,000 feet above sea level. The local hospital was destroyed. Rescue efforts are slow because the city is 500 miles from the nearest airport and 18-hour drive from the closest city. many chinese relife worker are suffering from altitude sickness. Tibetan monks and surviving lay people are at the forefront of the rescue effort and need our help.

Tenzin Phuntsok Rinpoche
Phuntsok Labrang


Pilgrimage with family During the New Year 2010

March 5th, 2010



Few Pictures taken during the Monlam Chemo

March 5th, 2010

Molam Chemo (Great Prayer Festival Puja)

March 4th, 2010

Tashi Delek to Everyone
I really hope that everyone is doing very well and hoping the years go very smooth and peacefully.

Here we just finished the Great Prayer festival Puja (Monlam Chemo) and this year Lama attended the puja from 6am to 6pm for 5 days, and now he is attending the Lamrim Teachings as well, during the Molam Festival Phuntsok Rinpoche did the same as every year he has been doing making offerings to the Sanghas at Molam, and lama especially dedicated to H.H 14 Dalai lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Khen RInpoche, Dhema Loche, Khensur Rinpoche and Geshe Tenzin Zopa’s long life, healthy and clear all the obstacles in their life, and those who lost their life and those who are still hospitalize due to the earthquakes disaster at Chelli, Haiti and Taiwan, may everyone get well as soon and be normal.

And i deeply thank and appreciate to the sponsors and supporters who contribute and make this happen to me, and this Virtues credits goes to you all thanks once again

Those who read this blog please pray for them and world peace.
i will update if there is more

Phuntok Labrang

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